Saturday, October 6, 2012

GDG DevFest Bandung 2012

Thanks to everyone for coming to and for being part of our first-ever GDG DevFest held in Bandung. Hope that you had fun and can make the best of that we had at the event. Below are a short summary and some photos of our #DevFestBDG.

Our DevFest happened on last Saturday, 6th October 2012, from 8 am to 5 pm local time. The event was attended by around 140 people (124 of which signed the attendance list) from different categories incl. experienced developers and designers but also students, lecturers and newbie programmers. Based on our community interests which have been discussed previously, #DevFestBDG focused on two main topics. The first topic was "Android" on which +Tony Chan (Google Android Dev. Advocate) talked in two sessions. The second one was "HTML5" about which +Imaduddin Amin and +Yohan Totting from local developer communities discussed in their talks. There were also sessions where +Peb Aryan highlighted some interesting usage of GAE and +Arie M. Prasetyo showcased G+ API with Arduino.

For a more colorful view of our event, please explore the event gallery on our +GDG Bandung page on G+. Or you might also want to search via our hashtag #DevFestBDG. Once again, thanks to all the speakers, participants and organizers for being part of our #DevFestBDG. On behalf of the community we also thank Google, especially the whole Dev.Rel & DevFest team, for supporting this great developer event :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

#DevFestBDG in a Few Hours ...

We're thrilled to open our first GDG DevFest in Bandung. Our prime time is in less than 24 hours :-) ... Please check our agenda and  make sure that you're there on time at 08.40.

We're very sorry for those who cannot be invited to this event and very thankful for your interest. It's really just the matter of logistics and unfortunately we didn't get any chance to increase the number of participants. But there is still possibly a chance, so please monitor our twitter and/or gplus.


Bagi peserta yg sudah terdaftar, mohon datang tempat waktu dan membawa bukti invitation dan/atau tanda pengenal. Bagi yang belum mendapat undangan, mohon monitor twitter, apabila ada tempat/posisi kosong akan kami sebar via twitter.

Hashtag resmi kita di G+ adalah #GDG #DevFest #DevFestBDG #event, dan mohon mention +GDG Bandung.

Untuk feedback penyelenggara untuk acara GDG DevFest Bandung, setelah acara selesai, mohon diisi form survey berikut.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Countdown DevFestBDG & Some Updates

@all, second round invitations are sent yesterday, only a few slots are still available. So please check your email and do confirmation if you're invited.

Undangan ronde kedua sudah dikirim kemarin, harap dicek inbox masing-masing :)

Some updates & announcement:

  • Agenda is updated; there're no dedicated codelabs session, but instead every speaker may do a short codelabs in their sessions.
  • For our event the next 2 days, please tweet & post at gplus with the hashtag #GDG #DevFest #DevFestBDG #event

Hope see you all in the next two days at the Luxton :)