Tony Chan

Tony is a developer advocate for Android. He joined Google in 2007 and has been helping developers with various Google products/APIs like Google Checkout, Apps and Android ever since. Prior joining Google, Tony was a senior application developer at the University of Michigan and a management consultant at PricewaterhouseCooper. He received his M.B.A and M.S.E. degrees from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Visit Tony at G+.

Yohan Totting

Application developer, with strong experiences in internet technology, I develop web and mobile application using web technology like HTML, Javascript, CSS, and PHP. Interactive social game director, I design and develop interactive game using social media like Twitter to promote and boost your brand. Founder of ThinkRooms Studio, an application development studio based at Bandung. Community enthusiast, together with 6 other studios initiate FOWAB(Forum Web Anak Bandung) a creative internet community. And together with Reza Prabowo initiate Hackerspace Bandung, an open coworking space.

Imaduddin Amin

Imaduddin Amin (lahir 22 November 1987) merupakan salah seorang founder dari GITS Indonesia, perusahaan digital yang fokus pada pengembangan aplikasi mobile. Saat ini dudin berperan sebagai CEO dari Toresto, aplikasi penjelajah kuliner yang dapat digunakan pada platform iOS, nokia dan android. Selain sebagai seorang developer, dudin juga pernah bekerja sebagai researcher di Institut Teknologi Bandung. Pada tahun 2012, dudin memperoleh gelar M.T. dari Institut Teknologi Bandung pada bidang computer science.

Peb Aryan

Lecturer at School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institut Teknologi Bandung, doing research at Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence Lab. Author of Indonesian natural language processing service hosted on Google App Engine. his public code repository mainly uses Python and Pascal.

Ibnu Sina Wardy

CEO and co-founder of PT GITS Indonesia. With his goal to make life easier, he has made lots of Android applications, published under the company he founded together with his friends in Bandung. He is also the founder of  #ngandroid community in Indonesia.

Eueung Mulyana

Engineer + Lecturer at the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Institut Teknologi Bandung. Hobbyist Programmer. Java + Google Enthusiast.

Arie M Prasetyo 

An interface designer, application developer, database designer, and project manager in various business applications and websites. Used various technologies in many of his projects, current works includes the use of ActionScript 3, jQuery and PHP. Also active in several technology communities, such as Adobe User Group Indonesia and FOWAB, a Bandung-based digital creative community.

Currently working on Inmotion, a game and multimedia development studio based in Bandung, Indonesia concentrating on building games and apps that help brands communicate their messages better. Aiming to create quality games and apps, with which messages can be delivered with better clarity and can leave a better and longer lasting impression.

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